Properly Applying Stump Socks over Shuttle Locking Pins Systems – Instructions

  • Adding socks is essential to maintaining a proper fit in your prosthesis.
  • Applying socks improperly over a pin can jam the lock and make removing the prosthesis difficult.
  • Check regularly that the pin is securely installed.
  • It should not be loose or easily removed.
  • Visually check that there are no foreign objects in the socket.
  • When applying socks make sure the pin is uncovered.
  • Just a few threads can jam the pin in the lock.
  • Remove any loose threads with scissors
  • If it is difficult to see the pin, reach down and feel the pin to make sure it is exposed properly.
  • If you are unable to determine whether the pin is free, seek assistance.
  • If properly done, you will hear audible clicks as the pin engages.

Jammed shuttle locks are usually due to socks caught in the lock. They can be removed by forcefully pulling the gel insert out while holding the release button. This usually requires significant force and generally requires assistance, so be sure to keep that in mind.

If you should encounter problems attempting to apply these stump sock application instructions on your own, please call Cornell Orthotics & Prosthetics at 978-922-2866.