Iceross and similar gel inserts are generally worn directly over the skin and must be cleaned thoroughly before and after each use with soap and water. Occasionally, you should use rubbing alcohol to further disinfect the gel inserts. Any irritant such as hair, dust, or bacteria will be rubbed into the damp skin as the liner is worn and cause irritation. A&D or other petroleum-based lubricants or barrier creams are helpful to reduce skin tension. Below you’ll find some practical instructions helpful for folks in need of some gel insert basics, as a part of our prosthetic services.

  • Begin donning the liner by turning it inside out completely as shown so it is
    pointing straight off the bottom of the liner.
  • Poorly aligning the pin may not engage the lock.
  • The pin can be felt through the liner.
  • Be sure not to allow the pin to poke through the gel.
  • Once positioned properly the liner is ROLLED up onto the limb.
  • This is to ensure that the gel is not stretched and is applied with even tension on the skin.

Keep hands on the leading edge as you roll to avoid wrinkling the gel insert.

Use the heel of the hands rather than the fingers to grip the gel.

  • Straighten the knee as you roll past it to avoid uneven top edges.
  • MAKE SURE to keep any socks or sheaths off the pin before sliding into socket.
  • See our separate instructions for properly adding socks over the pin.

Should you have questions, please call your local orthotics and prosthetics company:

Cornell Orthotics & Prosthetics at 978-922-2866