FES or Functional Electrical Stimulation is the latest technology in the management of foot drop.

How it works:

Patients simply strap a cuff to the lower leg. The cuff has an individually programmed stimulator that sends an electrical charge to the nerves in the leg which cause patients muscles to contract and pick the foot up. Unlike conventional bracing, it is the patient’s own muscles that provide the toe clearance as opposed to an external plastic or metal brace in the shoe. There are many benefits to this new technology including increase in muscle strength and decrease in spasticity during use.

Who is a candidate for this FES technology?

Patients with foot drop as a result of conditions involving the brain and spinal cord are excellent candidates for the utilization of Functional Electrical Stimulation. Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis and spinal cord injuries are the largest patient population benefiting from this new technology.

Medicare approved for patients with spinal cord injuries.

There are 2 systems available:

Walkaide by Innovative Neurotronics  www.walkaide.com


Uses a tilt sensor for controlling stimulations
Everything is in the cuff. Does not require a heel sensor in the shoe or separate controls.

Ness 300 by BIONESS 2



Comfortable cuff

Consistent simulations with heel sensor