Patient Instructions for Your Custom Orthosis
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  • You have been fitted with a custom orthosis (brace) as prescribed by your physician. To assure proper fit and function for your orthotic brace, please be aware of the following: all orthosis are intended to apply forces to your anatomy. Your skin is our best indicator as to whether or not our forces are excessive. These forces should never be so great as to cause skin breakdown (some redness may be expected).
  • Your device is intended to achieve any of the following:
    * Improve your gait
    *  Improve skeletal alignment and function
    *  Prevent progression of a deformity
    *  Decrease pain
    *  Limit motion around a specific joint
    *  Enhance motion about a specific joint
  • Follow up visits are recommended to ensure that your custom orthosis is appropriate and is providing optimal fit and function. You may experience a change in function or an anatomical change, which may require adjustments or modifications to your orthotic system. Your orthotic brace will need regular maintenance. We recommend yearly follow up appointments unless a specific follow up has been scheduled.
  • Do not attempt to change or adjust your orthosis. Please make an appointment if any problems arise. Do not hesitate to call with any questions or concerns.
  • Care and Maintenance:
    *  Clean your orthosis regularly with soap and water or any disinfectant cleaner  or alcohol. Ask your orthotist for specific cleaning instructions on your specific device.
    *   Always wear a clean interface (such as a sock, or  a T shirt) under your orthosis to protect your skin and keep it clean and free of bacteria.