Lower Extremity Prostheses:

Elevated Vacuum sockets offer excellent linkage to the residual limb and limit daily residual limb volume changes.

We commonly use:

  • Otto Bock Harmony Systems
  • Ohio Willow Wood Limb Logic Systems,
  • Ossur Unity Systems

Custom Urethane and Silicone Gel Liners and HSM Systems:

Flexible vacuum sockets, Adjustable Volume sockets offer increased comfort by maintaining a proper fit despite residual limb changes.

  • CJ Socket User Adjustable Sail Socket
  • Revo Adjustable Volume sockets
  • Microprocessor controlled knees offer state of the art control and stabilitiy.
  • Otto Bock C-leg, Genium, X3 & Kenevo
  • Ossur Rheo, Symbionic
  • Endolight Orion and Lynx
  • Freedom Plie

Microprocessor controlled ankles including:

  • Freedom Kinnex
  • Otto Bock Empower & Smart Ankle
  • Endolight Elan

Passive Hydraulic Ankles including:

  • College Park Odyssey K2 & K3
  • Endolight Echelon Avalon
  • Freedom Kinterra

Upper Extremity Prostheses

We have another new prosthetis option regarding Upper Extremity Prostheses, which are often considered a subspecialty. We see upper extremity amputees of all levels and fabricate on-site myoelectric, body powered and passive silicone prostheses.

Our technology partners include:

  • OttoBock Bebionic
  • Michelangelo Dynamic Arm
  • College Park
  • Boston Elbow
  • Axis Shoulder
  • Motion Control
  • Utah U3 Arm
  • ETD2
  • Ossur Touch Bionics, I-limb, Quantum
  • Therapeutic Recreation Systems, Grip 5, infant hands, Body powered terminal devices, and Sport Terminal Devices