• Thoroughly wash Iceross silicone gel insert before donning.
  • Antibacterial soap and isopropyl alcohol work well to sanitize.
  • Rinse completely and dry.
  • Strong odors are a warning that bacteria may be contaminating the insert.
  • Significant skin irritations can develop if either the insert or the residual limb is not properly cleaned.

  • Invert Iceross and roll up. Keep hands on leading edge and be careful not to stretch or wrinkle insert. Make sure no air is trapped between skin and silicone liner.
  • The goal is to apply the gel without stretching or causing uneven pressure on the skin.
  • The insert should extend to the top of the thigh and contain all the soft tissue up to the groin.
  • The Velcro lanyard should be facing the proper direction.

  • There should be no trapped air between the skin and the gel insert.
  • Lubricants may be applied as recommended by the Prosthetist to help prevent skin irritations.
  • Stump socks can be applied over the Iceross as needed for adjusting the fit.
  • Velcro should be folded over to not allow exposed Velcro hook to catch socks.
  • Pull Velcro firmly, drawing stump as deeply into socket as possible. This usually requires moderate strength and will need to be readjusted after standing.
  • Here the Velcro is applied directly over the socket.

Make sure to roll socks over edge of socket to avoid bunching.

Watch that the sock does not fall into socket.

Velcro can be installed to fasten the socks to the outside surface if desired.

KISS system shown (left) is a common variant.

Velcro is run back thru a metal loop to provide a longer lanyard to facilitate donning.

Should you have questions,

please call your local orthotic supplier,

Cornell Orthotics & Prosthetics, at 978-922-2866