Airport Rules for Prosthetic Limbs or Braces


Persons with Disabilities & Medical Conditions

  • TSOs will need to see and touch your prosthetic device, cast or support brace as part of the screening process.
  • TSOs will not ask nor require you to remove your prosthetic device(s), cast, or support brace.
  • During the screening process, please do not remove or offer to remove your prosthetic device(s).
  • You have the option of requesting a private screening at any time during the examination of your prosthetic device, cast or support brace.
  • You have the right to refuse the offer of a private screening; however, you will need to allow the screening to be conducted publicly if you wish to proceed beyond the security checkpoint.
  • You may have a companion, assistant or family member accompany and assist you into the private screening area (once he or she has been screened) and remain throughout the screening process.
  • TSA will make every effort to have two TSOs of the same gender as the passenger being screened present during the private screening.
  • If you are too weak or unstable on your feet to stand for an HHMD search because of your prosthetic device, cast, or support brace, you may request to sit down after you have passed the WTMD.
  • Please notify TSOs if you need assistance during the screening process, such as a hand, arm, or shoulder to lean upon, or a chair in which to sit. At any time during the screening process you can request a disposable paper drape for privacy.
  • TSOs will need to perform explosive trace detection (ETD) sampling of your prosthetic device, cast, or support brace.
  • The TSO will describe the ETD sampling procedure in advance to help along the process.
  • The TSO should offer you a private screening if clothing will need to be lifted or raised in order to obtain the ETD sample. You will not be required to remove any clothing during the process or remove or display the belt that holds your prosthetic device to your body.

If the device alarms the ETD, and the TSO cannot resolve the alarm, you will not be permitted into the sterile area.

If you should encounter problems, please call Cornell Orthotics & Prosthetics at 978-922-2866. We are much more than your local prosthetist and provider of amputee supplies, we want you to be set up for success no matter what life throws your way.