Ace Wrap

Below Knee Ace Wrap – Instructions

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  • The Goal is to apply greatest compression distally and less proximally.
  • It is generally best to include the knee to avoid window edema there.
  • The wrap should extend proximally well above the knee.
  • Begin as shown on Fig. 1,  pulling approximately 25-50% of the stretch of the ace.
  • Fig. 2 shows how to catch the beginning of the ace and hold it in place.
  • Extend the wrap well proximally and wrap very loosely there.
  • Bring the wrap distally again to capture the remaining distal corner and again pulling 25-50% of the stretch out of the ace to ensure good distal compression.
  • Continue wrapping in this fashion but moving more distally with each layer.
  • A herring bone design often results with more layers distally.
  • Finish with several longitudinal runs of paper tape to hold the successive layers in place.
  • Keep any tape off of the skin.